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We design sound for film and media

Atmosfera studio is a team of sound designers with an agile production framework.

Having broad experience in full-service workflow management, we use our own sound design and project supervision solutions.

We breakdown tasks into multiple working groups — this helps us deliver original sound experiences in the early stages of post-production and also gives us the flexibility to find creative approaches for projects of any scale.

2020 Showreel

Awards and Nominations

Union of Salvation 2021
Golden Eagle award
Streltsov 2021
Golden Eagle nomination
The Conquest of Siberia 2020
Golden Eagle nomination
Nika nomination
Beanpole 2020
Nika award
Viking 2018
Golden Eagle award
Duelist 2017
Golden Eagle nomination
Nika nomination
Stalingrad 2014
Golden Eagle award
Nika award
Metro 2014
Nika nomination
Prison Break 2010
TEFI nomination
Night Watch 2005
Golden Eagle award


Non-Stop Production
The Duelist, The Ninth, Beanpole, Stalingrad, 18-14
Direktsiya Kino
Viking, Union of Salvation
Sunstroke, Streltsov, Iron Ivan, 12
Art Pictures Studio
The Inhabited Island 2: Rebellion, Stalingrad, Ice 2
Rock Films
Streltsov, Palmyra
Upon the Magic Roads, Ku! Kin-dza-dza, Salyut 7
20th Century Fox
The Adventurers, Union of Salvation, A Good Day to Die Hard
Columbia Pictures
Stalingrad, The Duelist
Walt Disney Pictures
The Book of Masters
Yellow, Black and White
The Conquest of Siberia
Night Watch, Black Lightning
Masterskaya Pavla Lungina
Leaving Afghanistan
Metro, Heart of Darkness
Ice 2
Central Partnership
Streltsov, 1612, Apostol


The studio team consists of big names and new talents. When we join forces, the result is consistently unique sound environments.